Learn about HTML and its History

HTML is the standard markup language for creating pages for website and display them in any web browser.

Short form of Hyper Text Markup Language is HTML. Using HTML we can design the structures of web pages using various HTML elements which we will go through here. HTML have elements or tags for Title, Heading, Paragraph,  Images, Table, Color, Forms, etc. HTML elements are like blocks of HTML pages which are rendered by web browsers to display to visitor or user. To make pages of website visually appealing to present to visitors HTML uses CSS. In another course we will learn about CSS. But for now let’s start with HTML only.

History of HTML

Tim Berners-Lee, the father of web browser proposed an internet based hypertext system in 1989. Then he developed the first browser and server software as well presented details of HTML. So this was the 1st version of HTML.

Then new versions of the HTML arrived as following.

HTML 2 specified in November 24, 1995.

Next in January 14, 1997, HTML 3 was specified, HTML 4 in December 18, 1997, HTML 5 in October 28, 2014.